Helpful Infographics (7)


Instead of a lesson this week, I decided to curate a few infographics from other helpful sites around the internet.

I wish I would have discovered this infographic a few weeks ago during my bar chord lesson. This gets the job done when it comes to understanding theory.  It might take a little longer to memorize the theory but I highly recommend doing so. This infographic was created by Tom Duchene.

Understanding Guitar Chords

By understanding theory, you can create chords with much more confidence and correct structure.  My favorite part about theory is you can apply it to any instrument you play.  Now you know that replacing the 3rd with the 4th, you can created a suspended chord.

Tuning and Restringing

Again, I wish I would have found this infographic a few weeks ago so I could have posted it to my tuning tip.  Jimmy Fisher, an extremely talented designer created this to help guitarists tune and restring their guitar.
Tune 2


This infographic is from California Music Studios and has a few valuable tips for new guitarists.  I believe a few advanced guitarists can take a tip or two from this lesson as a refresher or reminder.

9 Tips To Learn How to Play The Guitar

I have been practicing everyday for a long time and this infographic has reminded me of a few things.  I believe even advanced guitarists should look at this to remember:

  • Get comfortable – Practice good posture when playing not only to be comfortable, but also to bring out better sound.
  • *Listen to Other Guitarists* – Listen to a wide variety of music to inspire you to come up with new ideas for your own playing style.  (I forget to do this all the time.  It is extremely important to listen to guitarists, you can learn something new from anyone.)


This next graphic was created by Dunlop, a company who makes picks. I enjoy analyzing this infographic because not only did I learn new things, but it is a great PR tactic.  Sure it doesn’t follow the 70-20-10 rule because it promotes itself a lot more then it should, but I can use this as a reference all the time and they’re giving back to their consumers.
TortexInfographic1000BYou can see that picks play an important role in a guitarists playing.  From thickness to the shape, this infographic can be an extremely useful reference for future pick buyers who can’t make up their mind.

The Bracket

Here is my very own infographic I created.  This is just a competition of famous guitarists in bracket form.  Check out to see who won and let me know if you would change any match-ups to have someone else win!  Josh Yager Guitarist Bracket

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– Josh Yager


3 thoughts on “Helpful Infographics (7)

  1. I love this post! I know I told you before that I’ve been attempting to play the guitar over the last few years, so as a somewhat beginner, this post is very helpful! The graphic for beginners is full of useful tips I will need to remember when I’m practicing. And the lesson on how to restring a guitar is great because I feel like that is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. I also love your infographic, Hendrix is the best!


  2. This is a VERY helpful post. As someone who has never picked up a guitar before, I definitely learned a few things. Its helpful to see images with the information so you can figure out what its talking about. The addition of your own inforgraphic about your favorite guitarist is a nice touch! I particularly liked the infographic on guitar picks- I didn’t realize there were different sizes. Great blog!


  3. I feel like even though I have never played guitar before I could learn how to play from your blog. Your videos are awesome, and I love the funny photos you pick for each weeks blog. All of your visuals are engaging, which will make people want to read your posts. I am sad you have more views then me…


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