3 Guitar Blogs Worth Following (5)

Being a busy college student makes blogging a difficult chore for me to keep up with. Fortunately, I can curate content from other noteworthy bloggers and post them all in one place for you.  Ever since I started blogging, I started paying more attention to free content other guitarists post.  Not only does it give me some ideas to post about, but I learn some interesting tips myself.

1.) LickNRiff.com

This is the only blog I have followed before entering the blogosphere.  I have always been a huge fan of Assaf Levavy’s tutorials.  He puts a lot of work into making videos and arranging songs people request.

Levavy’s blog is different than other free online lesson blogs.  What separates him from the other online guitar teachers? Levavy is an arranger that creates fingerstyle content. Fingerstyle playing is a lot more difficult so this blog is for more advanced guitarists. I enjoy learning the tabs he posts and only referring to his videos when stuck.  He is an entertaining person to watch and easy to follow.  He usually creates fingerstyle arrangements of songs that are very popular. A fun song I am in the process of learning right now is Careless Whisper by George Michael.

You can see his two cute dogs who always watch him teach and play in the background.

Levavy also offers private lessons over skype.

Check him out at www.LickNRiff.com.

2.) TaylorGuitars.com

In an earlier post, I mentioned how awesome Taylor Guitars are.  I love the quality, tone and feel of anything Taylor creates. Not only is Taylor a great manufacturer, but their PR is amazing. Earlier this semester I studied a case study called United Breaks Guitars where Taylor showed off its PR skills by jumping on opportunity.  Now I might sound brand biased, but Taylor’s marketing is genius.  They created their own blog giving free lessons and tips to anyone, with or without a Taylor guitar.  You can check out all of the tips and lessons at Taylor’s website.

Their posts range anywhere from beginner to advanced.  I recently discovered this blog and I am currently in the process of practicing some new arpeggios I found to increase my speed and accuracy.

Taylor’s website offers more than just helpful tips, it offers sound advice.  I never knew how I would travel with my guitar until I watched Bob Taylor’s reaction to United Breaks Guitars.

Since I am going to be traveling to Florida in the next month, I found this advice extremely beneficial.  Last time I traveled to Florida I did not bring my guitar because I was falsley notified that I could not bring guitars on board.  Now that I know I can finally bring my guitar to Florida, I can play for my grandfather who has never seen me play before.  I need to print out TSA’s musical instrument policy and follow these 5 tips for traveling with your guitar.  

3.) Justin Guitar

Justin has over 750 free guitar lessons.  He has a post for any problem or song you are looking for.  It is not a quantity over quality system he is running either.  All of the posts from this blog created very well for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill sets.

The next time I get a break from school and want to expand on my guitar knowledge, I plan on visiting his site to learn some more theory.  Not only does Justin go into theory when he writes these posts, he writes why it is important and puts his heart into it.

For next weeks lesson, I plan on creating a post with a lot of different licks you can use during improvisation.  After swimming through this blog, I learned at least 3 or 4 new licks from his lick section of the tutorials.  Although Justin uses the electric guitar, I plan on incorporating a few of his licks into my blog next week.

Follow his blog at http://www.justinguitar.com/


6 thoughts on “3 Guitar Blogs Worth Following (5)

  1. Hi Josh!

    I really enjoyed your post. I thought including United Breaks Guitars was a great way to incorperate music and PR. You do a great job expanding on each subject in your list and making it relevant to you and your readers.

    Great job!


  2. Hi! I really enjoyed this post. I had no idea there were so many great guitar tutorials available on YouTube and blogs such as this one. I’ve tried teaching myself how to play guitar on many occasions, but could never catch on. I think watching videos and reading blogs like these would definitely help me out! Thanks!


  3. Hi! I thought this post was very insightful. I have tried teaching myself how to play guitar, but have unfortunately failed. Although, going through all of your videos and your tutorials I think it would be easier for me to learn that way. You did a great job explaining different techniques when it comes to playing guitar, which is helpful for many people.
    Thank you!


  4. Hey Josh! I really enjoyed your post! I used to play acoustic guitar 5 years ago and watching all of these videos reminded me how much i missed playing! I really am glad that you posted the youtube videos on the page ready to watch, its a very easy way to reach the actual videos. A cool idea might be posting a youtube follower of the week? Other than that I really enjoyed reading up on the three different You tubers you suggested!
    Thank you and great job!


  5. Hello! I really enjoy your blog. It is very easy to use and navigate. I like that you included an “about me” section and your twitter. I think that it is very useful that you started with instructions on how to tune and the major scales because that is essential when learning to playing an instrument. Also, I think that its very considerate for you to post other blogs about learning to play guitars since you sometimes are unable to post. I think it would be great if you had a individual section for the songs that you have covered. Overall this is a great blog!


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