Tone Tip (1)

This is my first post and I plan on showing my audience a little trick I assumed everyone who played knew.  While in college I learned that there is a number of people who keep the same tone while playing chords and notes.  This trick mainly applies to acoustic guitar.  The type of guitar you play with is a base for what tone you receive.  If you play with a Taylor guitar, you usually receive a much higher in tone sound.

In this tutorial I will show you how to produce a much higher tone by moving where you strum closer to the bridge/saddle.  You can also create a more harmonic sound if you strum or pick closer to the 12th fret from where you play.

I will demonstrate by playing The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals (1964)

Here are the tabs for The House of the Rising Sun by the Animals (1964).


So you know why I have chosen this song, here is the song so you can hear the type of tone it has.     –     The Animals ^

For those who do not know how to read tabs, you can learn easily from this tutorial created by Kevin Burke who is a talented guitar tutor from the UK.

I also want to note that I messed up on Bob Dylan’s – Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright in the tone tip tutorial.  Kyle Simokovich and I did a cover of that song and he posted the video to his personal YouTube account :

Weekly Challenge

Learn the RIFF of the week and SOLO of the week

The weekly riff I challenge you to learn is a finger-picking acoustic version of Kids by MGMT.


The weekly solo I challenge you to learn is To be with You by Mr. Big.


For a bonus, here is Under the Sea Fingerstyle thanks to my FAVORITE guitar tutor Assaf Levavy who I discovered on YouTube.


I hope my tip will help improve your playing and if you want more tricks and tips you can SUBSCRIBE in the upper-right hand corner.

Leave comment below if you have any questions or requests of tutorials, riffs, or solos.

– Josh Yager


One thought on “Tone Tip (1)

  1. Josh,
    I really enjoyed this post. I like the fact that you have a challenge of the week, but have you considered figuring out a way to pick a winner of the challenge and maybe featuring their video on the next week’s blog post?
    -Jenna Francis


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